As established since 2007, our headquarter is located in Hong Kong, and is one of the successful full service marketing and communications agencies in this highly competing market (HK & China). We are dedicated yo do branding for you and let you run your hussle-free business. With our clientele from SMEs to multinational companies around Asia, we offer consultancy services to an array of industry clients, and bringing  various projects with in-depth market understanding and proficient execution skills.

We are one of the very few marketing and public relation agency in town, which offers not only media networking and marketing creativity, but also project client's tailor-made into realistic and cost effective communication campaign. Immersing into client's situation, and work out the best suitable solutions upon every and any communication challenge. In recognition of our professionalism, flexibility, efficiently and responsibility, we are under long patronage of clientele coming from local market, as well as Southeast Asia. Our impressive, and effective campaign, have been rebated with client's positive feedbacks, which drives our successfulness in the reflection of client’s word-of-mouth.

​Public relations' innovation happened since these few years, as authentic PR program is never as simple as purely press release write up. We, are in an honor to head up the market, to enroll Social Media into existing PR program. From now on, it is not only about writing press release and pitching to reporters, but also broadly enhance content creation and community relations with interaction of blogosphere.