The Takeover is a boutique agency with a difference - one that’s intended to make your life a whole lot simpler. Here to take control of your company’s social media, digital event marketing, website design, and overall marketing package, we have an expert team, and they’re committed to helping you make the most of the many business opportunities that present themselves.


Now that you know us, maybe you’d like to discover a little bit about how The Takeover started out. Sit back and we’ll share our story with you. Once upon a time, there were two likeminded, ambitious, and passionate colleagues, whose greatest desire was to create a company that would allow them to do what they did best: help other businesses make the most of the online and marketing opportunities they were missing. That’s when they decided to put their heads together and turn their dream into a reality.

One was a hard-core retailer, who had a real talent for building business ventures with strong values and superb teams to help realise these; the other was an entrepreneur, one who had the ability to thrive in the corporate world and deliver some truly awesome marketing. Together, they were the perfect match. They came up with an exceptionally exciting idea: The Takeover – taking over your event or a part of your business that you don’t love so much, to leave professionals like yourself free to get on with something you do.