Welcome to the Tea Sampler! Here you will find the freshest loose leaf teas for your sipping pleasures. Kick back enjoy a cup of tea and stay awhile! You will be delighted with the new freshness and intensity of the finest and most selected unique fresh, loose-leaf tea flavors The Tea Sampler provides! My assortment of sweet, aromatic, and restorative loose gourmet teas are specifically listed with information on medicinal values ascribed to the varieties of teas by traditional Chinese medicine, western science, and herbalism. When loose tea leaves absorb the water, they release flavors and nutrients bringing a whole world of tastes and feelings full of healthy benefits to the body and mind.

All of my teas are made from fresh fruits that I dehydrate myself. All teas are made in small batches so that your tea is made fresh to order for you!

All orders include brewing instructions. 1 oz. teas make approx. 14-16 cups of tea depending on strength.

I also include a free tea sample with every purchase!

I would also love to hand blend a tea made just the way you like it.I can get any just about any tea or any fruit that you want! Just message me!