The Tea Shops Trade Co., Ltd is a rapid developing company of tea and tea related products with sufficient supply, good quality and innovative business mode.

   Over the strong, stable and fast development in recent years, Saint Tea has played a more and more important role in the tea industry in China. The development of Saint Tea is smooth and keeps 20% growth rate even in these years economic depression. We broaden our business and build up this site with the purpose to serve our clients from all over the world. Our products cover over 100 countries over the world. The reason why our brand get the nod from our customers is that we have great achievement: Key customer complain rate≤8 times, OTD (on time delivery) ≥90% and customer satisfaction≥ 90%。

   We have very professional teams who have been in the tea field for years and of great interest. They are young, passionate, fun, experienced, helpful and hospitable. In other word, they are good friends you can trust. They cover in market-developing (sales), QC, Warehousing and logistics services, After-sales service, etc. When doing business with us, there is nothing you can not rest assured. You can save more cost and times here. It's so easy for you to get your competitive and correct products, why don't find us?