The Urban Billboards USA is America’s first tri-season live music competition brand that garners 100% legitimate opportunities for undiscovered artists to expose their talent and break through glass ceilings in the music and entertainment business. The Urban Billboards USA brand has an entire music competition program geared towards rewarding hungry artists with secured prizes that guarantee exposure, guarantee network building and most importantly, guarantee achievement in the music industry. Spread evenly across 3 seasons, each consisting of 4 live event productions ,The Urban Billboards USA attracts not only the attention of unsigned artists but an entire diaspora of heavy-weight magazine editors, radio and television hosts, major label powerhouses and pop-cult influencers all within the world of showbiz.

The Urban Billboards brand was pioneered by an entrepreneurial collective with a mission to bring back the real culture of music competitions, as evidenced in the golden era of hip hop. Back in the day, aspiring artists would take their raw talent to every street corner, alleyway and basement in their respective “hoods” to rap or sing against each other - the  grand prize : street cred and maybe a pocketful of loose change. The creator of The Urban Billboards concept sought to borrow  materials from this golden hip hop era and transplant it to a body of work that benefits not only the undiscovered talent of present-day, but most importantly, the heritage of millennial hip hop and urban art expression.  

The purpose of this new competition is to create opportunity. The Urban Billboards USA spawns from over 10 years' worth of accrued  music industry resources  to heighten the careers of real artists with real talent who unfortunately, fell through the cracks of being discovered. By providing  a stage, an awesome sound system,  and real prizes that can change an artist’s life overnight, U.B USA fulfills its promise to all artists who compete and the music world at large, that raw, deserving talent will be displayed as high as the billboards speckling the urban city skyline.