The Urban Conversion

The Urban Conversion
Show Overview

The Urban Conversion is best described as urban homesteading for dummies, and show host Rodman Schley is the ultimate dummy! Rodman is a fiscally conservative businessman, who is on a socially responsible quest to reduce his own current carbon footprint. In doing so, he inserts himself into “extreme green” situations to learn the ins and outs of an off-the-grid sustainable urban homestead lifestyle.

Experience the internal conflict and humor that ensues, as the worlds of the extreme green and conservative city slicker collide. The Urban Conversion is about educating the dummy (Rodman), and ultimately educating urbanites about making small changes that can significantly reduce environmental impact.

Ever raised chickens in your back yard? How about milked a goat or raised bees? Well, neither has Rodman! Travel across the country with us as we seek out the extremes of going green! Who knows, maybe a chicken coop is in your future!

In addition to existing green projects, our architects at Moss Owl Studio (www.mossowlstudio.com) are currently busy designing the perfect urban homestead, complete with all the bells and whistles (or bees and goats). Follow our progress as we design and build our off-the-grid house.