Founded in 2008 our company started out in the wholesale telecoms market, selling very high quality routes to other wholesalers and VOIP providers. Through providing routes to wholesale customers we have developed strong bilateral relationships with top Tier1 carriers throughout the world, allowing us to purchase the best quality routes at the best rates available on the market.

During this time we started developing our Retail Services on an integrated platform that would allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of making low cost calls from a variety of devices without compromising on quality.

The result is www.thevoipshop.net – a website that is easy to use, allowing our customers to easily and quickly get set up an account and to start using our quality VOIP services.


We have a full range of Mobile VoIP APPs available to download for FREE for Iphone, IPad ,IPod touch, Blackberry, Android, Nokia and Windows Mobile Phones to make low cost calls directly from your mobile phone

We have a range of VoIP APPs available to download for FREE for your Computer to make calls directly from your PC or laptop to anywhere in the world at low cost.

We also have a range of plug and play VoIP adapters and VoIP phones for the Home and Office to save you money on your calls in your business or at home.

Our registered users have an online account management portal that allows them to monitor their account, check rates easily, to add credit easily and to have access to call and sms services wherever they are in the world.

****Our Ethos****

We are dedicated to customer service and our aim is to assist all our customers to start making cost savings and to enable them to keep in touch with their family, friends and business colleagues.

" Simply Get Calling! "

Our goal is to make VOIP services accessible to the wider public. We take care of the technical stuff so you can simply get calling and saving!