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Contact information: For interview, photos, school presentations, and book signings, contact Will D. Rhame, Chief Creative Officer of The Voyagers Series, Inc. at 727-455-4442 – will@thevoyagers.net.

The Voyager Series: Fast-paced Adventure and Multi-Media Approach Creates Unique Way to Entice Children to Read and Retain More

The Voyagers Series is an adventure. It is a magical storybook.  It is the first book of its kind.  The Voyagers Series is all this and more.  We have created an interactive system involving books (either printed or electronic) and the internet that is designed to help children read better and retain more.  While the books are aimed at children in the 9-12 age groups, it has been used successfully with second graders and the books appeal to older children as well.  How does it work?  
First, the books are very entertaining. The protagonists, a brother and sister named Drew and Erin, live in England at the time of King Arthur, but their adventures take them to exciting locations around the world.  In the first book, Erin and Drew travel to Europe. In the second book, it is Africa.  More adventures are in the works.  In each book, the reader has the chance to learn some geography, foreign language, and hone his or her analytical and mathematical skills.
Next, the books do not stand by themselves.  At the end of each chapter, the reader must solve a crossword puzzle using words from the chapter to identify that chapter’s Life Lesson.  This Life Lesson is also the key that provides access to internet game associated with that chapter, which is on our website.  The website also provides additional information and links to help inquisitive readers learn more about the topics covered in the books.  
Educators at many levels will find The Voyager Series a delightful and powerful adjunct to their everyday contemporary lessons.  And the Life Lessons provide a platform for lively and educational classroom discussions.  
The Voyagers Series story lines are fictional, but the background information is entirely factual.
The Voyager Series is the product of the fertile imagination of Will D. Rhame. To complete this long-term project, Will called upon a broad range of educators, linguists, designers, and historians to accurately develop the themes and process of this incredibly unique, interactive, book-internet adventure.

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