Previously anitafrika dub theatre, The Watah School was founded in 2008 by award winning artist d’bi.young anitafrika and was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2014. The centre is a w/holistic artist development institute, grounded in the Sorplusi Method, with a mission to  cultivate and nurture artists as healers, mentors, and keepers of the sacred. Arts-engagement sits at the core of the organization’s commitment to providing world people’s who are newly emerged, mid-career and established artists such as Black womben, racialized young adults, new immigrants, first nations and LGBTQQIP2SAA people, with the tools to self-actualize, create urgent art and uncover crucial mentorship skills for each one to teach one.

Lovingly curated artist residencies, Watah workshops and one-to-one mentorship with d’bi. and a host of dynamic artist-educators, make The Watah School a womb-oasis in the city of Toronto and the world.