Once overweight, bullied and suffering an isolated childhood, to now a slim, funky, happy guy, Silvestro Musumeci is full of life and with a smile to die for.

Having lost a total of 75 kg, half his starting body-weight, Silvestro has kept his body-weight off for 8+ years, so what are his secrets?

As an Inspirational speaker Silvestro shares these secrets to long lasting weight loss while filling the room with energy, hope and knowledge for those who desire change.

With his Friendly approachable and outgoing character Silvestro is a down to earth passionate person who can relate to those of us who can’t seem to shift the weight. That’s because Silvestro is one of us and knows what it is like to be struggling to find the willpower to get across the line as he’s been there too. He was there for 25 years!

A mentor for successful weight loss and a published author of “If I Can, You Can – How I lost Half my Bodyweight”, Silvestro represents hope, inspiration and a can do attitude which is a must for your clients.

Having spent the past 4 years living in the food capital of the world Italy, surrounded by all its wonderful food temptations, Silvestro managed to survive and came back 5 kg lighter.

Now settled back in his home town Sydney, surrounded by friends and family, and having learnt over the years that starvation is not the answer and that food is not the enemy, Silvestro enjoys cooking and spending time in his vegetable garden where once his late grandfather planted and produced organic vegetables for the entire large family.

I'm the Weight Loss King let me help YOU live your best life.