As CBD morphs from niche to mainstream, the onslaught of new products containing these compounds proves relentless. Every day brings another body lotion, tincture, gumdrop, even wine–each claiming to offer relaxing and pain-relieving benefits.

It’s hard to keep track and tricky to make sense of it all.

Available CBD industry information is hard to understand, the labeling is confusing, so where do you go to find trustworthy CBD products that fit your lifestyle?

When we realized we couldn't find a credible resource to help us decipher this new CBD frontier.

                           We Built One.

We created The Wellington to help you navigate this new and ever-changing CBD world - to make it simple and easy to take care of yourself.

We proudly offer a curated assortment of the best CBD products on the market, all carefully selected and independently tested beyond industry guidelines.

All of our CBD wellness, health, and beauty products can be used for multiple ailments and as a proactive, preventative aid to one’s skin, body, and mind.  

We did the hard part, so now it's easy to Feel Good and Be Well!

"Mother Nature Does Not Require a Prescription"

XOXO Dr. Wellington