Are you ready for the future?  Why go to a retail store and drop $3,000 on a performance computer because it says Dell or HP on it?  The Wizard PC was created with YOU in mind, are you ready to have a top of the line future-proofed-computer that will smash your friends' for only a fraction of the price?  Now you can!  With our dedicated team of computer Wizards, we can cut HUGE costs by ordering individual parts and assembling the components ourselves.  When you buy a high priced Dell computer, you are paying for the Dell logo.  Any of our Wizards could build that exact high priced Dell computer for a fraction of the cost.  We also offer 1 year of free tech support with all of our systems, something Dell and HP charge hundreds for.

Unparallelled  prices, services and quality.
We don't just shell out empty rigs, we

That means interacting with a Live Wizard that will build your
computer around what you need.

There is no assembly line here,
this is the AMG of computers.  
   When you get in touch with one of our Wizards, they can guide you step by step through the selective process, helping choose the computer that will fit your lifestyle.  Let our Wizards build the computer that fits you!

Check us out at  http://www.thewizardpc.com/index.html