I'm The Word Queen and I help writers bring their books to life using a range of tools and techniques.

Along with training, workshops, webinars and courses, I also offer a very unique writing coaching service, which involves energy clearances and healing on a psychic level.

I help writers unleash the book inside, tune in to their sixth sense, call in their angels and guides for channelling reasons and most importantly get their book planned, written, published and sold by the thousand!

Email me on info@thewordqueen.com to ask about my Book & A Business Plan (for great monthly passive income), my Book Marketing Plans For Self-Published Authors, or my publishing company, Pathway Publishing - for books which raise the vibrational frequency of the world.

For books printed via Pathway Publishing I'm particularly interested to hear from speakers, healers, therapists, experts and coaches, to spread love and light and to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Check out http://www.thewordqueen.com for more info...