The Word's Working is a business based on the premise that The Word works and is able to empower and change our lives for the better. We at The Word's Working have created and believe that faith inspiring children's books are an important way to teach and educate young minds. That's why the Muffy, Fluffy, and Dexter series is more than just books about cats! These faith-based books help aid parents and educators in teaching children about Godly character traits and how to apply them to their lives. Each book focuses on a specific scripture that applies to the lesson in the story. We encourage parents and educators to help children memorize the scripture verse in each book. There is also a counting activity in the books as well. At the beginning of each story, the children are asked to find and count certain objects throughout the pages. This strengthens their identification and counting skills, while making learning and reading more interesting. This children's book series is for Ages 4 - 8.

Being Left Out Is Not Fun from the Muffy, Fluffy, and Dexter Children's Book Series Available Now. In this first book from the Muffy, Fluffy, and Dexter series, Fluffy feels left out and has to learn how to make new friends.