The Writer’s Coffee Shop is an up and coming independent publisher based out of New South Wales, Australia. The company launched in October of 2010 with the vision of working alongside talented authors while providing quality e-books to the growing marketplace.
The Writer’s Coffee Shop has a deeper history than simply publishing books. The original site was launched in September 2009 as an online community “Where friends meet” to discuss books, blogs, serial fiction, news and more.
It didn’t take long for the community, which called The Writer’s Coffee Shop “home,” to outgrow what the site was currently providing. On January 26, 2010, The Library launched. The Library is a friendly, easy-going environment in which anyone can post and read original and derivative works. The Library is also used by The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House to host regular fiction writing contests.
The Writer’s Coffee Shop publishes a wide range of fiction titles and is sure to have something for any appetite. Submissions are currently open.