For the safest holiday investment, The executive Club offers you an investment in the form of a debenture (which is a tradable financial instrument), which is linked to leisure holiday homes in 5-star resorts in Mauritius, Mozambique, Zambia, Zanzibar and Pemba Island at present, with resorts coming on board in new locations all the time.  

Taking the best out of timehare and fractional ownership, we offer you ownership with no country specific risk, and also the opportunity to swap your time out for time at another of our resorts, or you can place your investment into the rental pool and gain a further return on your investment.

Ownership options are in the form of Bronze and Platinum Membership - Bronze Membership is an entry-level product - and you can choose to upgrade at any time.

What is a Debenture?  A commonly asked question!

A Debenture is a Financial Instrument is similar to a Preference Share, issued to investors in a Company.

Different from a Share, the Debenture Instrument is secured by the fixed assets in the Company.

The Debentures are issued and managed by an independent professional manager (The Executive Club appointed managers – Wakely, Smith, Dante, Sinclair), that have to adhere to the International Laws of a Debenture issue, as well as those Terms and Conditions detailed on the face of the Company’s Debenture.

The pertinent International Laws of Debenture issue are:

-          Independent registered debenture registrar

-          Terms and Conditions are to be detailed on the face of the Debenture bought

-          A minimum of 60% of the Debenture issue has to be underwritten by fixed tangible assets (as The Executive Club is a property investment company, closer to 95% of our Debentures are underwritten by fixed property assets).

Debentures, similar to Public Company issued Shares, are tradable commodities – marketable and transferable.

Debentures, due to the nature of the investment instrument, can be used as collateral for any personal fundraising.

Should for any reason, the Company be liquidated, Debenture holders have a call on the assets prior to any ordinary or preference share holder.


1)      This Debenture is interest free

2)      This Debenture is redeemable in 20 (twenty) years from date of issue solely at the discretion of the Debenture holder

3)      The value of his Debenture at its redemption date shall be; i) 85% of its face value if redeemed for cash; ii) 140% of its face value if it is redeemed to acquire new stock in the club controlled by the company.

4)      Should the Debenture not be redeemed, the club property associated with the Debenture shall continue to remain the right of use of its owner subject to the terms and conditions of the property owned or leased by the Company.

5)      Should the property not be available to the Club, the Club shall replace the right of use of a similar property in lieu of the initial right of use associated with this Debenture.

6)      This Debenture is redeemable after 20 (twenty) years from date of issue or any time thereafter.

7)      In order to redeem this Debenture a minimum of 2 (two) years notice prior to redemption must be given to the Debenture Register Managers.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Thelma on thelma@thexeclub.net