The ZYG 808 [pronounced Zee Why Gee 8 oh 8] is a world-class hip-hop jazz percussionist and spoken-word artist/ MC. A founding member of the Soul Poet's Syndicate, a spoken-word and media artist collective; he is also a touring percussionist and performer with The GroovaLottos. Some considerable accomplishments, especially for somebody born in 2003.

At age 7 he made his debut as a studio session player, contributing African percussion to the award-winning house music album, "DEEP Soul Chants & Hollers".

As a 10 year-old, The ZYG 808 had aspirations towards stand-up comedian, and even had folks cracking up at open mics around the south coast, with his razor sharp sense of timing timing. At age 12 he began headlining at the Boston Jazz Fest. At 13 he became the percussionist for Grammy nominated soul-funk band The GroovaLottos and has been touring with them ever since.

As a middle school student he began MCing with his cousin JJNice, making demos in the basement. His love of language, wry sense of humor and irony, together with his background in jazz gave rise to a philosophical MC of considerable lyrical skill and flow. In other words, he's nice on the mic and his lyrics can get deep.

Literally starting his hip-hop career in the streets, one summer he began street performing, playing a cocktail drum kit and rapping at the same time. Gathering crowds and collecting fans and cash, The ZYG 808 was on his way.,,

In late 2017 he and other members of the Soul Poet's Syndicate, Young $umo and JJNice, went in the studio and created the anti-opioid anthem "FLIPPIN" .

In 2018 he signed with Liberation Multimedia and co-founded the label  SOUL POETS, through which he plans to produce his upcoming solo project as well as develop and produce projects for other members of the syndicate. He is an active member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe's Youth Council as well as a member of the Universal Zulu Nation.