Saint Croix in the US Virgin Island (USVI) is one of the best destinations in all of the caribbean.  Looking for stuff to do? There are so many things to do on your vacation in the Saint Croix's USVI that choosing what to do may be the hardest part!  Some amazing attractions available for your vacation are snorkeling Buck Island, relaxing on the beaches, deep sea fishing charters, diving attractions , sailing charters, bio bay kayaking, and many more activities!  By choosing one of our vacation rentals and paring it with some other things to do and booking these activities through us, you are able to SAVE money and get the best deal on your overall vacation package!  It's simple.  When you reserve attractions from one source a business is able to spread their prices over many items rather than just one.  This gives us the ability to offer you several tours and places to stay while still keeping our prices low. And if you can't figure out the best stuff to do, we have ideas!