www.think-tasmania.com has everything you need to know about Australia’s holiday island state:  Tassie.

Our writers  actually live in Tasmania, so we have hands-on experience;  we’re not just feeding you para-phrased hodgepodge from a travel brochure (yep, people do do that).  You can get glossy advertising copy anywhere, so what we aim to give you is the real, live story.  Not too far off the beaten track (we like creature-less comforts!).  And not so high-end that the normal person has to sell a kidney to pay the fees.

Some Tourism Tasmania icons are must-have inclusions for any respectable website about the southern-most state of Australia, so we’ll visit those and give you an honest opinion.  But primarily we aim to cover the less-commercial end of the scale.  Things that only a local would (or should!) know.

Here’s our short-list of things we can tell you about Tassie…

   * There’s great beaches – for surfing, swimming and lazing on
   * You can eat and drink some fantastic local produce
   * Facts about the weather will surprise you
   * If you want history lessons, look no further
   * Shopping at a regional market can uncover real treasure
   * Parks, forests, mountains, waterways, reserves… everywhere!
   * The people that live in this state are amazing
   * Incredible places to stay and visit are located in all directions
   * Tasmanian natives love their sport
   * Things to do in Tasmania don’t need to cost a fortune
   * Tassie wildlife is highly valued and easy to locate

So if that’s the sort of thing you’re after, feel free to visit www.think-tasmania.com.  We’d love to have your company, and if you want to leave a comment or make a request, that’s also free!  Hopefully by the time you’re done you will love Tassie as much as we do.  Although that might not be possible!