•Headquartered in Brentwood, BRS is a leader in barcode technology, specializing in sales, service and repair of all equipment and products related to barcoding – which is used in virtually every industry: retail, wholesale, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, warehousing/distribution/logistics, packaging, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
•BRS offers a complete line of inventory control and asset management products, such as barcode equipment (thermal printers, mobile computers and scanners), ribbons and labels, packaged software, custom software development, automated labeling machines, GPS and RFID for any application – including Wal-Mart & Department of Defense compliance.
•BRS staff has over 20 years of experience in adhesives, liners and substrate material for difficult label applications. Additionally, we specialize in unique barcode challenges (outdoors, extreme hot or cold, exposure to liquids or chemicals, etc.). BRS helps ensure lean manufacturing by providing vendor-managed inventory (VMI) for ribbons and labels.
•In addition to onsite and depot repair service, BRS offers telephone Help Desk technical support for hardware and software, as well as consulting on compliance issues, or other inventory or label challenges.