Since 1998, Thinlabs has been the leading independent manufacturer of specialized thin client and desktop computing solutions, offering the widest range of All in One thin clients in the industry, with specific solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, education and financial sectors.  The company has set the standard in smart client technology, offering customized thin client products and services that deliver a host of benefits, including:

- Ease-of-Use
- Increased Security and Reliability
- Improved and Centralized Asset Management (with Thinlabs Device Manager)
- Improved Total-Cost-of-Ownership
- Reduced Overall Computer-Related Energy Consumption
- Smart Green Technology - all of our smart clients are rated as 100% eco-friendly, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Thinlabs products and services include:
- Industrial Computers and Thin Clients
- Power Over Ethernet (POE) Computers
- Touch Screen Thin Clients
- Integrated Thin Client Computers
- Smart Client Modules
- Battery-Powered Mobile PCs
- Enterprise Device Remote Management
- Custom Development Services & Solutions

Thinlabs works with many of the key innovators in the thin-client marketplace (Microsoft, Linux, VMWare, Citrix, 2X Partner) to deliver world-class thin client computing solutions.