In most ways, Alex Mishan is your average, striving New York high school student, working to get A’s in his precalculus class, and using the words “college prep” when talking about school. He has specific aspirations of someday attending USC as an undergraduate.
But Alex also thinks something is missing in his education. “I have loved clothes since I was 13 years old – both designing them and figuring out how they get into stores. Since I can remember, I have spent all my free time into figuring out how it works.
“I was designing clothes for a year before I ever designed something that I both liked and thought someone else would buy,” continues Mishan.” “Ultimately, the first design I showed people was a white hoodie.”
“Once I had something I was proud of, I started asking everyone I knew if I could sell it at their shop. Finally, someone said ‘yes.’”
For one month, January 2020, that white hoodie, and other Mishan inventions, will be sold at a now-vacant storefront at 138 Wooster St.
“I want to be ready for college academically, for sure, but I also want a business education while I am in the greatest City in the world to get one,” Mishan continues.