You may be tempted to sell Thirty-One products because you had a blast hosting a party, or you love a certain item, or you have a friend who is able to stay home and work flexible hours. But how about this for a reason: It may be an increasingly stable career in these economic times? It’s true! When you look at the steady growth pattern of direct selling over the past two decades, the numbers suggest that when the national economy sours, direct selling can be expected to demonstrate its recession-resistant tendencies.  USA Today recently published a story on how Direct Sales Companies are finding growth in these economic times. Direct-sales businesses that rely on Consultants (‘business builders’) to sell products are seeing their sales forces rapidly expand as the nation’s unemployment rate soars to nearly 9% and those who lost jobs and nest eggs look for new ways to make money.  “We’re recession-resistant in the sense that more people come to us during economic hard times for supplemental income or replacement of a lost job,” says Neil Offen, president of the Direct Selling Association, the trade group that represents the largest U.S. direct sales companies.  He goes on to say: “Anecdotally we’re hearing that recruitment is up and … unfortunately as the unemployment rate rises to 10% or higher, we’ll be picking up more people who need an income-earning opportunity.”