This Website Is For Sale!

A very old concept with a very new intent and purpose! Butch Hamilton, The Wildcat SEO Master, has been inventively, creatively, purposefully and successfully building, promoting and advertising websites on the world wide web of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex longer than most reading this timely and insightful search engine optimized article can even remember. From the late 2003 era on the web, until now, Hamilton has decidedly pursued the toughest of keywords and keyword phrases for clients and achieved the results in which they were paying for. That is the essence and the reasoning behind this new and decidedly different approach to online presenting and marketing.

When one goes to Google and types in the following phrase, This Website Is For Sale, an amazing amount of information will come to the top of the keyword long tail phrase. Almost 500,000,000 million entries on this phrase. What this actually means that this keyword phrase will take intensive time, effort and dogged determination, the kind of search engine optimizing that Butch Hamilton provides each and every project that he decides to become part of. The content written, the goal of reaching the pinnacle of page one performance will be an arduous uphill battle, but one that will be successfully pursued and won over time, thanks to the diligence, determination and skill that The Wildcat SEO Master will provide this timely and thought provoking topic of interest.

Why Get to the Top of Google for the Term This Website Is For Sale?

Obviously, the Wildcat SEO Master does nothing on the net without a decided and almost laser type focus. The intent and purpose of this project is to nail a page one position for this keyword term, and to sell some of the websites that are already being successful on the web at the writing of this article. This will be a work in progress, and according to Hamilton, "will take every bit of drive, determination, perseverance and skill to reach the top of Google, but it will be done!

Through the use of keyword specific articles, images, Facebook Tools, Google+ Tools, forums, additional websites, videos and slide presentations, the keyword term will eventually be gained and held for the readers on the web searching for the valuable websites for sale and the potential for making sales will be realized through the effort of this vigil. Search Engine Optimization is all about reaching the top of the web for keywords and keyword phrases. No one does this better than Butch Hamilton and his specialzed Writing Services!

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