Relax and let the Total Home Management Team do the work for you!

Maintain your home on a schedule, a schedule that works for you!

Have you ever noticed how much time we have to write a list of things to do or places to go… yet there is never enough time to do it? With a Total home management team at your disposal, the required maintenance of your home is taken care of, on a schedule that fits your specific needs.

Your One call truly does it all!

From seal coating driveway to washing your windows; cleaning your gutters to cleaning your carpets; sprucing up your home to maintaining your heating and air conditioning system and much more! THM is the Team that is on your side for all your home maintenance and management needs!

THM Team in fact manages every aspect of a customer’s home maintenance program. We provide a wide range of home service offerings, such as those noted above for any individual, group or corporation that owns a home. Unlike other service professionals, we are the absolute authority of scheduled home maintenance and for our customers “your one call does it all.”

THM Team is unique in that it breaks through many current barriers a home owner is faced with. We become a one-stop shop for our members and their home care needs because we:
1. Save the home owner the time it may take them to do the job themselves
2. Save the home owner the time it may take them to employ several different service professionals
3. Form a membership bond between the homeowner and the company for continued, value-add service

The Process is Simple:

Call Today!
Simply call 1-877-62-TOTAL to schedule a home inspection.

We Come To You!
That's Right! We come out to your home and, together, develop a list of your home maintenance needs and a schedule of service dates and times that fit your specific needs.

You sit back and relax!
The Home Maintenance Team works according to your expressed desires to take care of all the work around your home for you, so you can spend more time enjoying life.

Learn more about our process. Here we will show you just how easy it is to be on your way to a well-maintained home without breaking a sweat. Working together, we see you as the coach, giving the team direction so we are all on board to meet your home needs effectively and efficiently.

Don't forget to look out for our THM Team home maintenance specials today!

** THM Team is owned and operated by Sederon Inc