Thompson Solutions LLC provides integrated geophysical and geological interpretation solutions for the exploration of oil, gas, and minerals. Our custom solutions are based on integration of the client's data with our expertise in the interpretation of gravity, magnetic, and geological data.

We broker commercial gravity and magnetic data and will manage new data acquisition to ensure the clients has the best data coverage available. Quality data management combined with custom processing, enhancement and mapping/display of the data in client-specified formats is essential to customer service.

State-of-the-art commercial software is utilized for data management, processing, and interpretation. Thompson Solutions LLC has licensed Geosoft Oasis Montaj and extensions, GM-SYS 2D Gravity & Magnetic Modeling, ArcGIS with the 3D Analyst extension, GlobalMapper, and Adobe Creative Suite to utilize for client projects.

Thompson Solutions LLC was founded by Gary Thompson, a senior geophysicist and geologist with over 30 years worldwide experience with potential field geophysics, exploration geology, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). His industry training and experience includes time with Unocal Corporation and the Superior Oil Company. Contact us at www.thompsonsolutions.com.