The team at ThoroughTec Simulation has been designing simulator based training systems for over twenty years. During this time our company has grown into one of the world’s leading training simulation organisations, supplying the mining, construction and military sectors. To date, the ThoroughTec team has developed and manufactured over 73 different classes of simulators and has deployed over 500 simulator units to a wide and diverse base of international blue-chip clients. ThoroughTec is the largest global supplier of both surface and underground mining simulators and we are the largest supplier of military simulators in our home market.

From our head office in Durban, South Africa, we have a global reach. Our international offices are strategically located to service all major economies.

ThoroughTec has a diverse range of simulation products, which are marketed under the brands: CYBERMINE, CYBERQUIP and CYBERWAR, addressing the simulation requirements of the mining, construction and military markets respectively.
In the mining and construction markets we specialise in supplying both “off-the-shelf” and customised high fidelity training simulators to mining and construction organisations, training institutions and OEMs. These simulators are specifically designed to produce competent, productive and safe operators thus reducing the cost of ownership of high value capital equipment and offering real cost savings to our clients.

In the military market, ThoroughTec offers a wide range of simulator products and specialises in partnering with large international military equipment providers to offer modular and tailored solutions for the simulator based training requirements of large defence programmes.

At ThoroughTec we have a professional and honest approach to business. This culture defines us and reflects in the products we produce. We pride ourselves in being the best but never stop listening or forgetting the roots from which we have grown. We learn from our clients and our suppliers and all the experts with whom we engage. And we learn on a continuous basis. We also learn from the environment and the less fortunate in our community.

As an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, ThoroughTec is independent, vibrant and driven, seamlessly blending a relaxed yet professional corporate culture with military grade quality assurance, configuration control and system engineering processes. We deliver the very best simulation solutions again and again!

We invite you to engage with us so that we might welcome you into the ThoroughTec family, to learn from and to benefit from one another.