Mike DeWolfe and Cheryl DeWolfe together make up the Those DeWolfes Creative partnership. We operate our business like lab: concocting products to serve niche needs and markets. We also do custom websites tailored to the needs of clients.
We're about more than just web design: we have blended our work in IT, writing and art with our home life to build a full range of creative offerings.

Mike and Cheryl live in Victoria BC, Canada. We share our home with a daughter, two cats and lots of creative works. Individually...

Mike has been doing freelance writing since 1984 with some long gaps of activity– print publications, online articles and some ghostwriting. He started in large site design and web development as a freelancer in 1999 after a few years of working for a local company. Over the next decade, he honed his coding skills through a combination of freelance and salaried positions. Since March of 2011 he's been back to full time freelancing -- coding, web architecture, design, development and a whole lot of other stuff! Mike has worked with a wide range of clients on projects but finds he excels at building scalable sites using CMS platforms.

As an active blogger, writer, photographer and crafter, Cheryl has been quietly freelancing for many years. She learned to hand code HTML in 1996 and never looked back. She also has a day job so tends toward smaller jobs — writing articles, building and managing websites, selling stock photos and creating products (books, handcrafts, etc.) to sell. Lately she's been developing workshops on a range of tech and social media topics.