ThoughtFull Toys is a small toy company based in Santa Cruz, California. Started in early 2013 by David Silverglate, they are dedicated to creating and selling beautiful, functional, durable toys.

In 2014, they launched their first line of toy cars, Modarri, the Ultimate Toy Car. Modarri is a unique type of toy car because it can be built in millions of different ways by mixing and matching any of the 11 car pieces. Modarri also features real steering and suspension mechanics and is driven by placing a finger into the driver's seat.

In summer of 2017, ThoughtFull Toys aims to release their new line of toy cars called Enduro. These toy cars are inspired by the high quality, yet durable toy cars of the past. Enduro vehicles are built tough from 100% sustainable materials, such as strong metals, natural rubbers, and real hardwood. These toy vehicles also feature real steering and suspension mechanics, and focus on offering an amazing driving experience packed into a beautifully crafted, and very durable set of toy cars.