Founded in 2010, Madrid (Spain) based, ThreeDee-You is the  world pioneer company producing personal figurines using 3d technologies.

ThreeDee-You Photo-Sculpture 3d-u, the original service of the company, works basically like a photography studio: the subject poses in a 3D scanner studio, later the virtual image is treated by specialized artists and finally materialized using the most advanced 3d printers. As a result: small full-body sculptures in color that faithfully represent the portrayed person; ThreeDee-You calls them "Photo-Sculptures".

Sculptarium is the ThreeDee-You service that allows for 3D sculpture orders to be placed remotely, with no need to visit the studio, simply sending photos of the head of the person to portray. The design team prepares a 3d design of the head and offers a selection of pre-designed bodies taken from the extensive collection of bodies of real people.

ThreeDee-You, with its innovative technologies and technique, has taken the polychrome sculpture to a new level, at the same time that it has made affordable to almost anyone an art that was previously out of reach for most people.