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The Dadvantage: Stay in Shape on No Sleep with No Time and No Equipment
The Awesome Fitness Plan for New Fathers
By Jonathan Finkel
Author of the hit humor advice book The Three Dollar Scholar and previous national columns in GQ and Muscle & Fitness
Most men gain weight throughout their wives' pregnancy. Unfortunately, guys don’t have access to the one-day miracle weight loss plan that women utilize called giving birth. One minute, a woman is bursting at the seams with child, the next minute; she’s 15 pounds lighter. Three months later, she’s 30 pounds lighter. For men, what was once affectionately called “sympathy weight” is now referred to as “being fat”. Once a guy is fat for a certain amount of time, he has officially “let himself go”. And once he's “let himself go”, it’s not easy to get himself back.
In THE DADVANTAGE: Stay in Shape on No Sleep with No Time and No Equipment, Jon Finkel applies the same humor and logic he made popular in his previous book, The Three Three Dollar Scholar, to prove to men that being in shape and being a new dad aren't mutually exclusive. With its practical, think-it-through approach, THE DADVANTAGE is as much a real-world guide for men to follow about how to make wise health decisions post-baby as it is a blueprint for men to maximize their minutes during the craziest time of their life.
The book is divided into four chapters, with each chapter candidly and comedically preparing men to cope with being a father. Since time is the one thing new dads don't have, the book is short, to the point, and meant to be read in one or two sittings.
Chapters I and II of the book, titled "Conquering the Countdown" and "Exercising in Zombieland" reveal why the mainstream expectations put on new fathers to set their health aside for the good of their wife and child is ridiculous, why men should shouldn't feel guilty about taking care of themselves and how every guy absolutely has the time in his existing schedule to perform some practical, easy exercises throughout the day to stay in shape.
Chapters III and IV, titled "Unleash the Unconventional" and "The Easiest New Dad Diet Ever" take a unique look at how new dads can use the simple things around them to fit in short, one or two minute workouts. Exercises like "Car Seat Curls", "Baby Bjorn Lunges" and "Mailbox Intervals" transform everyday dad activities into calorie burners and muscle builders. The final chapter shows men how simple, subtle meal changes can have lasting and impressive effects on their diet and physique with minimal effort.
No man sets out to become fat, tired and out of shape when he has a child, but it happens all the time. For less than the price of a single magazine issue or a tube of Butt Paste (yes, new dads, that's a real product), men can alter the course of history and for the first time improve their health after the birth of their children.

THE DADVANTAGE is available for $2.99 via the Amazon Kindle or Nook app on all tablets, smart phones, Macs and PCs. It is also available in the iTunes book store for the iPad. Visit www.jonfinkel.com or buy it on Amazon today! Follow on Twitter @3dollarscholar

Jon Finkel has written for GQ, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, ComedyCentral.com, NFLPlayers.com, and The New York Times among others. He is also the author of the hit comedy/advice book: The Three Dollar Scholar