3 Oceans Entertainment offers 3 great services - Photography, Disc Jockey, and Videography for Weddings and Events in Arizona. They are based in Phoenix but have a service area that focuses on the Metro Valley area - East, West, North and South with travel extended to the entire State of AZ. Services for Engagements, Weddings, Family and Event, as well as corporate and special events are all available, either separately or even in combination "under one roof".

Photography - We've seen a need for quality affordable wedding photography in Phoenix AZ.  It's nice to have a budget alternative to expensive high end, fine art photography when you're thinking about wedding photographers in Arizona, and hoping to find a friendly professional who will work with you to achieve your vision but finding an endless sea of Arizona wedding photographers who believe it's all about them. A creative photographer should take the photos that you'd like of your event and give you great looking edited digital images without copy protection, so you can use your digital images to copy, print, transfer, etc. as you would like. Most modern Brides have a vision of what their wedding should be, and we're the type of wedding and event photographers who adapt to that. As with our other Phoenix AZ wedding services, our rates are less because we don't charge extra for attitude and ego!

DJ - A quality D.J. who deserves to work for you at your wedding ceremony, reception, party or special event should know how to provide enjoyable service with anything from elegant sophistication to lighthearted fun and understand the time and need for the difference. He should know when to offer energy and excitement, and when to relax and allow the momentum to take over; how to read a crowd and respond accordingly. He needs to understand that his client’s ideas and dreams are more important than his own and realize that their guests are there to celebrate them, and his job is simply to help make it happen.

Videography - We’re a bit different than most wedding videographers in Phoenix. It seems that most are one extreme or the other; very expensive, using over-the-top and intrusive production techniques that interfere with the natural enjoyment of the event, or  what basically amounts to point and shoot. Interestingly, most wedding videographers in Arizona that we’ve noticed will reduce vast amounts of raw footage to a fast paced and short “highlight” presentation, with action packed smash cuts, and so very much missing.  No wonder folks end up paying extra just to get the raw footage they hope to watch someday! At the other end, unedited video basically involves letting the camera run on a fixed shot (think tripod or person holding iPad), and capturing hours of endless video with nothing happening.

Our Arizona Wedding Videography style is more “best of both worlds”, meaning that you may expect to receive a video that plays like a movie, with a typical run time around an hour and a half, complete with chapter points to find the scenes. You can then choose to show your friends a 5 minute highlight, or have movie night with your wedding video.