Three Wise Monkeys is an original progressive fusion band from Sydney Australia.

Consisting of

Kypo ::Guitar
Alex King:: Bass
Brendon Waterman :: Drums

The group started performing at local Jam Night's around Sydney in 2010. Normally doing 3 songs in a 15 minute set, 3WM quickly gained a reputation of dynamic performances and great musicianship. The Monkey's quickly transitioned onto the local indy circuit, doing support sets for more established bands, finally culminating in the opportunity to start putting on headline shows and being invited to play at festivals, highlighted by 3WM opening the 2013 PROGFEST, that also saw Caligula's Horse and Sleep Makes Waves on the bill.

Over the past 5 years, the group has been prolific in putting out an album every year, and developing there following thru new technologies such as soundcloud communites  (CloudKillers, where they topped the charts over predominately Dubstep artists) ) and live streaming app Periscope.

"We've always been pro-active about new technologies, whether it was our own iphone app, or social media promotion." says Alex King.

3WM has taken a hiatus form the live scene since the 2013 PROGFEST, concentrating on an opportunity to record in a state of the art recording Studio at UWS. In that time the monkeys, have produced FALSE FLAG and their new album due for release on Dec 10th, "PROGETTO ARTE"

Both album feature the talents of new drummer, 19 yo Brendon Waterman, who also penned 3 tracks on the albums.

The album's differ in production techniques, with the 2014 FALSE FLAG concentrating on tracking individually drums and guitars.
"Originally that album was going to be a completly, direct to disk recording, but with the change of drummers mid way thru, the most feasable way to get these songs seeing the light of day, was to track the instruments individually" notes Kypo, who oversees most of 3WM's recordings.

The idea of Direct Disk recording is the basis of 3WM's new album "PROGETTO ARTE". The songs organically created from a series of live jams, recorded direct to disk and then arranged in Post production, a trick they learnt about from the production of Miles Davis's ledgendary album, the Bitches Brew.

" We wanted to get back to the notion of improvisation in composing, not just soloing, but capturing that chemistry between musicians as the song is created. This is how we have always created in 3WM from the start, but have never been in the position to capture that process as it happens. PROGETTO ARTE represents that core philosophy, and underlines the intent of the album experience." informs Kypo.

The whole process of the creation of PROGETTO ARTE, has been captured live on video, using small go pro camera fixed through out the studio and then edited into promo clips for our fans to follow the albums progression and journey. Recently we have moved onto Periscope to give fans access to live streaming, of Three Wise Monkeys in the studio, as we create.

"We really wanted this to be a two way experience for our fans, who are spread throughout various countries around the world, and these new technologies allow people to get involved and interact." says Alex.

Progetto Arte album has 12 trax pristinely recorded in 192khz,  runs for just on 60 minutes, and feature tracks such as "Panopticon" (250,000 views on FB), "Shoe-Gazer" and "Islands".

The Three Wise Monkeys are back out hitting the road too, with some recent live performances  @ UWS, and there album launch party in February 2016, which will also feature other emerging Australian instrumental artists PLINI and Helix Nebula.

Three Wise Monkeys