Thriving Designs announced today the launch of it's newest service, Thriving Sites. Thriving Sites is an affordable way for individuals and small businesses to create their own website quickly, while offering the full backing and support of a professional web design firm. With this new service, Thriving Designs is hoping to change the way people approach "do it yourself" website design.

Thriving Sites offers clients the ability to choose from hundreds of layout templates and then add their own content to the site to make it their own for low monthly membership rates. Web hosting and domain registration are also included in the membership fee. But what sets them apart is their custom options, allowing clients to choose an optional custom layout and design created for them by Thriving Designs.

In today's business world, it's hard to succeed without a website. However, website design is not always cheap, which means that startup businesses with a limited budget often have to settle for the limited options that come with free website services. This is a problem that Thriving Sites hopes to solve. According to Jon Bratton, Thriving Designs' sales and marketing director, "We started out as a small business with no marketing budget, so we definitely understand how frustrating that can be. With Thriving Sites, we can offer small businesses the speed and affordability of a 'do it yourself' website service, while also giving them custom options along with the full backing and support of a custom web design firm."

Thriving Sites is a service of Thriving Designs, a website design and development firm with offices in Findley Lake, NY and Schenectady, NY. They serve clients throughout the United States and Canada.