Established 25 years ago by Kiki Phukan, an Interior Decorator and Product Developer, Kiki's Decor developed decor products for Ralph Lauren Home, Hilton Suite Hotels, Brooks London and many more under the tutelage of reputed international home decor trendsetter, Shyam Ahuja. While working with Shyam Ahuja, Kiki had developed and created products like decor cushions, area rugs, bed linen, lamps and other decor accessories for aforementioned clients and homes of distinction. Kiki was also in charge of coordinating photo shoots and set design for all Shyam Ahuja catalog products, company ads and magazine spreads. 7 years ago, after moving to Toronto, Canada Kiki, with her partner, developed one of Canada's premiere home staging and furniture rental businesses. During this time Kiki has personally taught and trained many professional Home Stagers who are now running their own successful businesses throughout the country.

For the past few months Kiki's Decor has been developing an online Home Staging course for Homeowners and Realtors who want to Stage their own homes or listings. This course is built exclusively to help non-professionals make the right Staging choices and decisions while preparing their homes for sale. The course lists staging-safe colors, fittings, fixtures, hardware, furniture and decor styles and accessories. It can take as little as 24 hours from the start of the course to complete the staging process. Find out everything you need to know to perform a quick, inexpensive and professional Staging. Launching January 2013 the course offers a low introductory price of $59.99 to the first 15 enrollments. Find us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/QuickHomeStagingCourseForDiyHomeownersAndRealtors