With over 100 years of combined experience; we are the hospitality management and consulting company that still considers our relationships with owners, shareholders and property staff to be the most important part of bottom line profitablity. We are recognized for our ability to manage and consult in any market condition and circumstances and still show top line revenue increases.

Thurman Hotel Consultants has managed over 100  hotels, resorts and motels throughout the United States in the last 15 years either through full management or through focused management in Sales, Ecommerce and Operations management.

At Thurman Hotel Consultants we’re passionate about building property teams with support that is second to none. Our experience includes Full Service, Focused Service , Independent and Extended Stay hotels. Our investment into training, support and accurate benchmarking prepares our properties to undertake the competitive market that exists today.

Our unique fee structures that includes full management or ala carte assignment based pricing sets us apart from many other management company's cookie cutter contracts. Our strategy is to give you the owner; the services you need at a reasonable price point. We understand that one program does not fit every property and we will strive to identify your specific needs and biuld a proposal that addresses them.

Feel free to contact us for a personalized site visit to discuss your specific revenue goals.

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