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THX News offers a variety of services that can be useful to people from all walks of life. Our global news service provides easy access to national and International news, travel blogs & educational articles.

THX News visitors can stay informed about the latest developments in any community in the world. They are committed to providing a high-quality service that is free, reliable, and trustworthy.

Mr Golden created THX News because of a deep routed believe that it will help people and the environment. All of his businesses have developed with the very same objective.

As a bookseller, he recycled over 100,000 old books, maps & prints. Some of the book libraries he created over a 22 year period are still on display in hotels, conference rooms, stately homes, public buildings and institutions.

Areas of Expertise:
• CEO • Antiquarian Books • Antique Prints • Antique Maps • Bookbinding • Paper Restoration • Fine Art • Team Management • Procurement Strategies • Trade Shows & Exhibitions • Team Building • Old Masters • Tennis • Mentoring • Small Businesses

Major Accomplishments:
* Led a team of 6 employees with $1M+ in annual revenue.
*­ Built up a company from market stall to International status.
* Marketing & Promotions Director - The Independent Online Booksellers Association.