ThyroidChange, a web-based initiative, unifies the international thyroid community (patients, organizations, groups, blogs, websites and physicians) and mainstreams the voice of thyroid patients who are left symptomatic and not being assessed or treated with current options.  Our global network will empower the individual patient with access to credible, current knowledge. Our success will increase thyroid disease awareness and future research.

ThyroidChange supports existing and future thyroid advocacy efforts with the strength of a united global thyroid community. By informing members of current initiatives within our community, it stimulates mutual collaboration for our shared common goal for change. Individual patients will find support and opportunities to self-advocate.

ThyroidChange facilitates the achievement of our goal: increased thyroid patient access to current assessment and treatment options and therefore, optimal thyroid health for the millions who are affected.  Our advocacy will encompass hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroid conditions, thyroid cancer and other thyroid issues of concern to our community.


To unite and support the thyroid community.  To help meet our individual goals with the reinforcement of worldwide resources and assistance.
To be a platform for patient expression and the patient experience, in an effort to amplify our perspective worldwide.
To promote the petition, Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction Demand Better Care, worldwide and to lobby for change.  
To raise the worldwide awareness of the thyroid community’s voice by addressing physicians directly and using media sources to gain mainstream attention
To effect the following changes in the field of endocrinology:
Testing of a full thyroid panel to include Free T3, Reverse T3, Free T4, TSH, and thyroid antibodies to all patients who exhibit symptoms related to thyroid disease, including changes in mood.
Increased value for the symptom report of the individual patient and the understanding that patients may be symptomatic regardless of lab values.
Continued research into thyroid physiology and treatment options specifically, comparative studies in the effectiveness of T4-only treatment versus therapies which employ T3.
Increased realization that current treatment methods are leaving many patients symptomatic.  Care must be taken to provide patients with treatment options including T3-only medication, T4-only medication, natural desiccated thyroid, and combination methods.