tickets.co.uk  http://www.tickets.co.uk , a new niche website that allows users to experience fun and exciting things to do in and around London without breaking the bank was launched on 21st March 2011.

With its numerous activities, exciting social scene and established tourism London is a natural place for collective buying to flourish said entrepreneur, Peter Le Masurier, founder of tickets.co.uk.  "I am offering customers a unique experience to explore new avenues with great entertainment deals and offering local businesses the opportunity to develop new streams of revenue, a win win for all.   Indeed, this will change the way entertainment businesses think about marketing forever and during this current economic climate both users and businesses need help".

By providing local businesses with the ability to sell through collective buying, tickets.co.uk can unlock previously unheard of discounts.  A deal only becomes live when a specific number of users have signed up to the deal and then the deal is 'tipped' or 'on' guaranteeing a specific volume of sales!   tickets.co.uk users are encouraged to tell their friends and share the information and will receive daily updates and alerts regarding new deals.