Tickets48 is a ground breaking entertainment-marketing platform. We help promoters, producers and leading professionals in the entertainment industry to harness the power of their fans and fill empty seats. At Tickets48 we use proprietary social media analytics, data mining technologies and live social media contests that leverage word of mouth to identify our clients’ most vocal fans and convert them to brand ambassadors. We use sophisticated game mechanics to motivate these “superfans” to spread our clients’ message throughout their personal social networks. This drives traffic back to our clients’ custom-branded event sites building viral marketing campaigns that attract more and more fans. When fans arrive at the event site, we use our patent pending real-time dynamic pricing mechanism to sell them tickets or other merchandise. We balance the fans’ willingness to pay and current demand at the point of sale, maximizing revenue for our clients while shaping consumer demand.  This leads to higher ticket sales at higher prices while continuing to build the brand’s value compared to daily deal sites or last minute ticket outlets, which tend to result in brand dilution. At Tickets48 we put fans into empty seats.