While most agencies think in finite campaigns, Tick Yes is dedicated to forging ongoing company-consumer relationships. There are many strands to doing this effectively, from creating online branded communities, branded content and blogger outreach programmes to viral marketing, use of carefully targeted databases and creating brand awareness on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Tick Yes creates platforms that enable our clients and their consumers to interact with each other, and for consumers to interact amongst themselves. The end result is word-of-mouth marketing to the power of a million – personal engagement on a national, and even global, scale.

Tick Yes was founded in January 2001 by Peter Applebaum. A long-time fan of the principles of direct marketing, Peter realised that the advent of the Internet and advances in mobile phone technology made it possible for brands to create stronger relationships with their stakeholders using 20th century direct marketing strategies allied with 21st century technology.

Direct marketing suddenly became accessible, affordable and adaptable to suit the needs of every brand. Because Tick Yes began operating in the new Social Marketing sphere before the term ‘social media’ was even coined, it is ideally placed to help your company engage on a personal level with your consumers.