Tidewater Power, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation with its headquarters located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tidewater Power, LLCs purpose is to deliver the lowest cost energy to households and businesses in deregulated energy markets across the United States and Canada. Consumers continue to receive the same reliable service from their utility, but benefit by the discounted electricity and natural gas rates Tidewater Group has to offer.

Tidewater Power, LLCs long-term philosophy and goals are to assist consumers who are wishing to find lower energy costs for their homes and businesses. At Tidewater Power we plan to educate and empower the consumer by offering a free automated best execution software platform that provides the consumer with the lowest prices for both electricity and natural gas based upon the consumer's zip code and supplier provisions. This best execution software that we refer to as the Instant Power Pricerâ„¢ will therefore change the way consumers throughout North America and Canada purchase and pay for energy products such as electricity and natural gas. Tidewater Power will strive towards ensuring that our brand is the most recognizable and trusted in the Internet Energy marketplace. Our most important core competency is to offer an integrated, easy-to-use and intuitive website that provides the consumer information on local energy providers and the constant change of energy prices therefore keeping the consumer wanting to come back to it much more than any competitor in the field.

Tidewater Power is not in competition with the local utility. The local utility does not make any money on the energy, only on the delivery and service of electricity, so the utility company supports customers who choose to switch suppliers. All this adds up to a perfect reason for customers to exercise their choice to select the best supplier for their electricity and gas needs.