Synonymous with luxury brands worldwide Tidy Eye PR offers a revolutionary blueprint in strategic repositioning, marketing, and advertising.

We act as a conduit between you, your target audience and the media and routinely engage with many outlets from local providers to Sky, Sky Sports, ITN, Channel 5 and many other platforms spanning the globe, including Hollywood.

Our diverse niche specialties include the small business sector encompassing tech start-ups, Sci-Fi film, TV producers, the financial sector niches of IPOs and Unit trusts, general and specific image management, crowdfunding campaigns, social media strategies, many of the arts and crisis management, as well as Public Affairs AKA lobbying via radio, TV, Web or print.

We furnish a platform to demystify complex ideas, values, aims, businesses, campaigns or messages and deliver your narrative to the chosen audience in a creative and impactful way.

Because we realize that a world where everything is standardized, commoditized and sanitized is pretty worthless, we offer you a unique opportunity to create what doesn't currently exist. A world you can shape, mould, and customize.