Founded in Sydney, Australia, Tier-3 have been security software innovators since 1999 when its mathematicians and security experts developed and patented Behaviour Anomaly Detection (BAD) as the intelligent way to overcome the limitations of traditional security systems that were based on rules, signatures and known content patterns.

Tier-3 used Behaviour Anomaly Detection as the DNA for Huntsman, a centralised enterprise security platform which integrates existing security assets to provide a single view across the whole environment. Huntsman adds a layer of intelligence above traditional security systems, to detect network and system behaviour that is unusual, suspicious or risky so security teams aren't distracted by background noise when simplistic thresholds are crossed, but instead can focus on genuine threats.

Huntsman is a modular, scalable security platform for enterprises who need to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to unexpected new threats, new forms of data theft and new compliance requirements. It goes beyond traffic and network behaviour analysis, predictive analysis and other pseudo-behavioural systems, and focuses on "real" behaviour over the whole environment. Huntsman establishes a baseline of normal user and network behaviour and then monitors continuously for any deviation. It detects tiny changes that can indicate stealth attacks, APTs or insider threats such as deliberate fraud or accidental data loss, that other systems would miss.

Huntsman with BAD has been deployed continuously for over a decade in the most demanding security environments – national security and intelligence, law enforcement, finance and critical national infrastructure. With its 2nd generation engine, BAD 2.0, Huntsman is even faster and more accurate in detecting advanced threats.

Tier-3 has offices and deployments globally and the capacity to provide expert, responsive service to local and global enterprises.