"Tiger" Bill Meligari is a professional drummer-performer, teacher-clinician, author-publisher, producer, and freelance writer with more than 30 years experience in the drumming field. He has worked with a variety of artists from Jazz specialists like Thad Jones to Rock ‘n’ Rollers like Vince Martell (original lead guitarist of the Vanilla Fudge). Recordings include albums with keyboard artist Rocco Ferrante and Dickie Goodman's hit album "Jaws."

In demand as both an educator and performer, Bill travels the country educating others in his Tension Free Drumming Concepts through his special brand of drum clinics and concerts both in solo format and with his band, "Tiger Bill & The Mix." Bill has performed at many of the world’s largest drum events. In addition to his work as Webmaster and original content provider of the popular drum and percussion Web site “TigerBill’s DrumBeat” at www.TigerBill.com, Bill is the resident Drum Expert at Musicians.About.com, and he runs the online Drum Shop www.DrummersWishList.com and a site dedicated to his drumming concepts www.TensionFreeDrumming.com.

Tension Free Drumming, which took Tiger Bill over 30 years to develop, is an approach to playing drums that allows a musician to perform at maximum speed with endless endurance, power, and precision but without the fatigue or dangers of repetitive motion injury caused by drumming under tension.  

Tiger Bill's best-selling series of books and DVDs on Tension Free Drumming are in use by drummers of all ages and experience levels around the world. At Winter NAMM 2004, Tiger Bill won the NAMM World’s Fastest Drummer Competition to prove the effectiveness of his Tension Free Drumming Concepts.
In addition to Tension Free Drumming, Tiger has written a double bass drum text that received high praise from master percussionists Louis Bellson and Roy Haynes.

Tiger Bill is also a Black Belt Martial Artist registered under the Kukkiwon in Seoul, Korea. He says, "Some drummers take up dancing to improve their skills but I feel that Martial Arts is the perfect complement to my drumming."

Although you might think Tiger Bill's nickname comes from his Martial Arts, it actually comes from his drumming. Joe Morello nicknamed him "Tiger" due to his voracious appetite for chewing up and spitting out technique as fast as Joe could teach it. Today, Bill remains the only student ever to have read and played Morello's entire book of transcribed drum solos at the original tempos.

Tiger Bill started his company, TigerMix.com, Inc. at www.TigerMix.com, to help drummers and other want-to-be entrepreneurs learn how to produce their own products and make a living over the Internet. Tiger Bill says "The Web has really been good to me and I'd like to help other people learn how to use it effectively. It sure beats driving to work everyday and it's much better for the environment too. The Web is truly the future for us all!"