Tiger Paw Beverages, Inc. has made it a priority to develop premium beverage products tailored to meet the demanding tastes of today’s consumers. The ubiquitous power of social media and the increasing sophistication of consumers across all demographic categories have made the alcohol beverage category far more competitive than could have been envisioned even just a few years ago. This translates to exciting business opportunities for an innovative company like Tiger Paw Beverages.

Inspired by the music of Jimi Hendrix and a fierce commitment to true originality, Tiger Paw Beverages Inc. has created a premium portfolio of alcohol beverage products inspired by the numerous iconic classic song titles, which are among the most famous in rock history. The partnership’s first product is Purple Haze Liqueur, a 34-proof concoction of vodka, fresh exotic berries that is sure to meet the demands and expectations of today’s discerning consumers.

There is room for a line of additional inspired products beyond the liqueur category, where much of the media focus has been. Extensive research shows there are promising opportunities in the growing category of premium tequila. Tiger Paw Beverages Inc. plans to become the first company in the U.S. to introduce a premium tequila with its Voodoo Child Cazuela Tequila. This tequila-based product, in the growing category of Cazuela tequila from Mexico, is made with natural agave infused with natural fruit --- a truly unique and prestigious tequila drink that has been revered in Mexico for generations, but has yet to be introduced in the U.S.

We believe that the flavored liqueur category represents a perfect opportunity to appeal to consumers across all demographics that crave widely diverse, mixable drink recipes associated with iconic rock song titles. Whether it’s while drinking vodka, tequila, whiskey or rum, consumers appear to crave the type of buzz that comes with associating their favorite drinks with tradition and music.

It is crucial for today’s cutting-edge alcohol beverage companies to be able to swiftly understand, define, develop and deliver new and exciting products that consumers want. History has proven that larger beverage companies typically aren’t as dialed in to cutting-edge consumer demand as are their smaller, more nimble competitors, and that they ultimately will acquire new but proven brands to expand their portfolio. In other words, large-volume beverage companies are known for managing brand expansion and less for developing new brands --- which ultimately leads to lost business opportunities.

Understanding early trends in consumer demand and expectations must be a priority for beverage companies to succeed in a market driven by brand-conscious drinkers who demand a diversity of selection, premium ingredients, distillation expertise, and not only an appealing taste, but also appealing packaging.

Growth in the premium liqueur flavors category consistently continues to demand the development of quality- and image-driven brand products such as Purple Haze Liqueur and Voodoo Child Cazuela Tequila. The market is saturated with low price, sub-premium liqueur products that ignore what the media is buzzing about and that show a true lack of investment in brand quality, image and longevity

The premium liqueur category will continue to build on multi-demographic lifestyles that demand an awareness of iconic song titles, which conjure up feelings of nostalgia and romantic traditions.