We are a merchandise sourcing company that assists India based businesses with sourcing of products for resale, for manufacturing of their products in China and USA and for supporting trading businesses with sourcing of products from manufacturers in China and South East Asia. You can use our services for drop shipping of products that you can list on your online store. Our services can be used by new entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. If you are a key opinion leader or someone who has a wide range of contacts or are in an environment with a large number of potential customers, you can use our sourcing services to source the merchandise that you can sell to your followers or to the consumers with whom you have a relationship. You may also have an online store and can expand the merchandise in the online store by using our drop shipping capability and our access to millions of products from online sellers who typically sell on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Call 02266773047 or email contact@tigerpug.com or WeChat tigerpug today!