Tigga Studios has a new mobile app technology and process that allows multiple high quality Mobile Apps (games, utility, entertainment, etc.) along with Social Games, Interactive Digital Books/Magazines with Gamification, to be custom created and developed in less than HALF of the time and less than HALF the cost of the normal process…

This technology is also expandable to multiple mobile applications (iOS, iPad, Android, Tablet, Kindle Fire, Etc.) with localization…(different languages)

To understand how powerful this new  "Mobile Fast"  technology has worked… Tigga Studios has produced one of the largest Social Games to ever be developed within 6 months!

This new highly advanced social game will be available this November 2012, just in time for Thanksgiving. This new game is HUGE! with insane exciting and competitive levels never experienced before...check it out and see for yourself...

Tigga Studios with this new technology, has also developed over 300 mobile apps…many digital interactive books/magazine along with Social games that compete with Zynga’s FaceBook’s social games and has also developed a variety of educational Gamification products all in less than 9 months!

Whatever kind of mobile iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet or social game app you want to create,  Tigga Studios has the tools and experience to make your digital app dreams a viral reality!

Mobile Apps

Want to have an app publishing company that give you the edge to be have a successful app developed and marketed?

Think you have an idea for a mobile app that's better than what's on the market?

Tigga Studios new technology not only help you create your own apps in half the time and at half the cast of the normal process, but they will also successfully market your app before it even gets uploaded to the app stores…

Whether you need a little help or someone to take you from start to finish, Tigga Studios has what you need…

Social Games

Discover and cash in on the highly profitable and popular social game craze! Tigga Studios design team has put together a highly advanced social game technology engine that takes the pain out of design so you can focus on creating a fun, exciting and profitable games for your players…

Digital Books

Do you have a story to tell, but don't know how to get it out there? Tigga Studios has just  created a simple way for anyone to create and publish a digital books online.

Tigga Studios has new revolutionary interactive elements and gamification techniques for all the digital books, so your stories stand far above traditional boring old story books…


Want to create mobile apps yourself? Not a problem. Tigga Studios has instant digital downloadable educational courses that will successfully teach anyone about developing and marketing mobile apps from start to finish…

These learning tools teach you how to formulate and produce "Top Chart Ranking" mobile apps and social games. Tigga Studios  programs are created by experienced professionals that will equip you with the "know-how" to take on the app market.

Bullet Points

•  Achieve Your Dream of Owning Your Own Business

• Create an Income Without the Hassle of Working Full Time

• Beat Your Competitors with our Innovative Marketing and Product Knowledge        

About Us
Located in Reno, Nevada, Tigga Studios goal is to create and develop world class mobile and social games along with interactive digital books for people enjoy and learn from.  

Contact Information

Tigga Studios: www.TiggaStudios.com

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