Timberkatz is dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of the Maine Coon Cat breed. The cattery is registered with the following cat registries: ACFA, CFA, CFF and TICA. We are located just 12 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island and 45 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Timberkatz screens all potential homes in advance for placement of our Maine Coon kittens and adult Maine Coon cats. Our kittens are only allowed to leave the cattery between 12-14 weeks of age. We also prefer to place locally but we can ship nationally. (click here for more info)

Timberkatz is based out of our home, a hobby business and all of our Maine Coon cats are our treasured pets first. They are treated with respect, given the needed love and attention so that they may thrive, and do so quite nicely.

You may view our Maine Coons cats online in our extensive photo gallery with hundreds of Maine Coon pictures. Our gallery is interactive and you have the opportunity to vote for your favorite pictures and leave comments too. All cattery members pictures are there, both past and present, including updated kitten photos from the extended and growing Timberkatz family.

Any and all Maine Coon inquiries may be made via e-mail and will be answered usually within 24 - 48 hours. We'll call you back if you provide your phone number and a convenient time to get in touch with you. Please contact Neli at neli@timberkatz.com about our Maine Coons or any questions you may have.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Maine Coon web site and ask that you please sign our guest book or leave a comment on one of pictures in the photo gallery. To date, we have cat lovers from all over the world that have signed either our guestbook or have placed a comment on one of our Maine Coon pictures. We'd love to hear from you.

Purrs and Paws,

Neli and David Tremblay
Timberkatz Cattery