Proven Systems for Regaining a 1 to 2 hours a day and Dramatically Increasing Productivity.

We are dedicated to helping managers, business owners and their staff:

meet and exceed their targets so money problems disappear
satisfy personal goals and desires so their lives are not put on hold because they have no time for themselves
spend more time with family and friends so they have a balance, feel refreshed have energy for these relationships
reduce long stressful working hours, rush and overwhelm enabling them to enjoy work again and feel in control

And we do all of this by showing them how to maximize their  current tools and resources.

Our clients include small, medium and large organizations. To date we have helped over 1000 people reclaim on average 2.3 hours a day.

Our “TIME EQUALS MONEY WORKSHOPS” assist people to become aware of issues related to time management and give you solutions, skills and strategies that work and can be implemented instantly to deal with problem areas on a daily basis.

Our services include Customised In-House or Public Workshops (face to face) and Webinars on how to work Efficiently & Effectively, on your own, with staff and with the tools and your finger tips eg Delegating Successfully, Using your Email Program to manage your Workload, Thinking and Problem Solving, Time Management. All our programs come with a “Peace of Mind” Money Back Guarantees and post course support.

Our highly celebrated and controversial information package called “17 Time Management Tips That Will Increase Your Profits Change Your Life and Make You Money!” exposes what work practices you need to re-examine and how to prioritise without sacrificing work standards. This package is valued at $147… but right now you can grab it for free until stocks run out - and there’s no obligation! All you need to do is call 1300491729.